Jesse Tyler Ferguson at SU

Posted: October 25, 2012 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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Jesse Tyler Ferguson of ‘Modern Family’ visited ‘Cuse last week, and was well-received by a crowd of over 1200 people in Goldstein Auditorium. The evening kicked off with Ferguson talking about his ‘Tie the Knot’ campaign, with conversation topics moving from marriage equality legislation to New York theater to the experience of sharing a bed with George Clooney (“…delicious”).

All the indie fame generated by ‘Modern Family’ has pros and cons attached, though. Jesse Tyler mentions a brief (read: borderline traumatic) experience. A woman who was in the process of getting felt up by a TSA agent at the airport did a 180 degree turn to petition him for a picture and/or autograph. “I was like, uh….I’m gonna wait until you’re done”. Despite the occasional awkward fan encounter, Ferguson loves and appreciates his fans. He remarks, “I hope that everyone in this room will have the chance to have a complete stranger come up to them and say ‘I love what you do’”.

For more information about the Tie the Knot campaign, visit and follow @TieTheKnotOrg

-Mikala Stubley

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