How NBC Can Stop Ruining My Life

Posted: October 24, 2012 by jerkmagblog in WATCH -- TV
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If one were to ask me how excited I am about the return of Community, I’d probably quote one of those odd GEICO commercials featuring the guy with the guitar and his friend. This expression of my excitement would be amusing at first, then so ridiculously annoying that you’d probably want to permanently mute me. I’d quickly become the friend that went from “super hilarious and cool” to the friend you “accidentally” un-friend on Facebook. None of this matters though, because the season’s debut has been pushed back.

NBC’s Community was slated to enter its fourth season on Friday, October 19th. In a decision that simultaneously angered me and forced thousands of tears to flow from my eyes, NBC released a statement claiming that their current lineup was so strong that they would rather focus on promoting other Friday night series. The frustrating thing about this decision is that all signs seem to be pointing to the cancellation of Community. Over the summer, NBC fired series creator Dan Harmon as show runner and last year the show was put on hiatus as well as moved to Friday nights. I understand the financial implications of airing the show as well as the problem with airing a series with a “cult following,” but NBC is really killing me here. I don’t think the executives fully understand what they’re doing to dedicated fans. I don’t think they know what they’re taking away from me.

Despite what college has taught me and my experiences thus far, each week I found myself thinking the same thing: isn’t that what college is supposed to be like? I mean, the show centers on a community college and one group of students, but considering the fact that the Dean of Students invests school funds in an annual paintball tournament, gets jazzed up in ridiculous costumes for mundane announcements, and makes hilariously subtle passes at Joel McHale’s character, I don’t understand why my college experience hasn’t been as stellar. Also, Ken Jeong plays a needy man who will do anything to join Joel McHale’s study group. How could this series not be entertaining?

If NBC wants to cancel Community, they need to just rip the I.V. from my veins and let me go. Don’t leave me in this awkward state where I’m surviving in hopes of seeing Community return in all of its glory; just take me off life support.

-Tenaysia Fox

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