Best Jobs in the NFL

Posted: October 19, 2012 by jerkmagblog in PLAY -- sports
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While being any kind of professional athlete is a blessing most of the human race would give their first-born son in exchange for, there are some who have it better than others. Ninety million dollar starting quarterbacks, you say? No, thank you. We understand every NFL player puts in a considerable level of dedication to perfect their craft (those not named: Jamarcus Russell) but some just have it easier.

How would you like to make $66,000 to throw ONE pass? After extensive hours of debate, we have found out who exactly has it better than the rest: The veteran back-up quarterback. We know, they worked hard to get here and all that good stuff, but without getting too political here, do they deserve this much cash when they don’t play a full game?

Here are the requirements to be a part of this very selective group: five year NFL pro; this eliminates young developing guys who may actually turn out to be respectable players down the line, and one solid year; each guy on the list performed respectably in at least one year of starting/extensive field time. What we’re getting at here is they all did something to seemingly earn their spot on the list. The final requirement is fan approval rating; they can’t be on the list if the media and fans are constantly bashing them. We don’t want to be adding fuel to the metaphorical fire here (David Carr and/or the legendary Rex Grossman for instance). With that being said here are the 3 best jobs in the NFL.

1. Charlie Batch
15-Year NFL Pro.
Best Year 2000: 15 GP 2,489 yards 13 Touchdowns 15 Interceptions (Detroit)
Has been with Pittsburgh since 2003
Telling STAT: in 2011 made $66,000 per completion. Per Game played he made $247,500

2. Derek Anderson
8- Year NFL Pro
Best Year-2007: 16 GP 3787 yards 29 Touchdowns 17 Interceptions (Cleveland)
Telling STAT: in 2011 signed a 2 -year /7.25 year with ARZ. Over 2 years he played in 3 games and had completed 3 passes, making roughly $1 million per pass

3. Chris Redman
10-Year NFL Pro
Best Year 2007- 7 GP 1,079 yards 10 touchdowns 5 interceptions (Atlanta)
Telling STAT: in 2010 received a 2-yr./5.6 mil dollar deal with ATL. Over those 2 years he was paid $254,500 per completion. PER COMPLETION.

Were not hating on these players, in fact we envy these players’ ability to make it to the NFL, just not have the misfortune of being a regular starter. Why would you want to face the scrutiny a starting quarterback faces when you can get paid this much to play a few quarters per season?! That’s why the 3rd string veteran quarterback has the cushiest, most enticing position in the NFL.

– Ian Flickinger & John Matthews

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