Foodie Review: Mello Velo

Posted: October 16, 2012 by jerkmagblog in MUNCH -- local foods
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This week, with my broken foot and all, I hobbled up the steps of a bike shop/restaurant called Mello Velo on Westcott. I know what you’re thinking, did she eat tires? No, but I was greeted with an excessively handmade atmosphere. Every piece of furniture was most likely stolen from a hipster’s home from north Euclid. In the corner and through a door, there were a ton of bikes hanging from the walls, with spare parts strewn everywhere.

In the back was a cafe with a giant old school coffee press that could make anyone feel cultured. The giant hand drawn chalk board had different options from panini’s to wraps and a giant selection of coffee that could make Starbucks weep.

I chose the BLT panini with avocados because avocados are a fucking super food, and Dr. Oz told me so. Not only did this panini taste like heaven got bored with the whole afterlife thing and started up a sandwich shop, but the coffee came in a mason jar. A mason jar! By this point I felt like that hipster on north Euclid.

My lunch companion ordered a plain coffee and choked on it, but besides that, I’d say the sammy was a hit. My iced mocha was worth the extra “sippage,” but it at first tasted like a straight up chocolate bar.

All and all, the food was great. However, if you happen to be handicapped beyond crutches, I’m afraid that you’re shit out of luck. Although I’m not sure what use a bike shop would be to you anyway. (Biking is a side project of mine)

Before I leave, I’d like to add that my meal was topped off with a one hour play date with a puppy husky, apparently belonging to one of the bike shop attendants who deemed the cripple and her hot friend safe enough to leave his baby with. So keep an eye out for the puppy, but also try one of the panini’s, you’ll probably be in a relationship with it by the end of the meal. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next weeks foodie review!

-Meredith Mendosa

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