What Happens in Vegas Becomes a Major Money Maker

Posted: October 15, 2012 by jerkmagblog in POP - pop culture
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Remember Prince Harry’s famed weekend of fun in Sin City? I’m not talking about the one with the massive hangover and Doug, Stu, Alan, and Phil. No, this one featured naked photos of the royal, which caused a major national scandal! How could you forget?!

In addition to causing women all around the world to squeal, the scandalous pictures of the royal red head have, oddly enough, lead to quite the boost in Las Vegas tourism.  Just a couple of days after photos of his royal bare bottom leaked, the Las Vegas tourism board launched an advertisement campaign highlighting the recent headlines, reading “Keep Calm and Carry on Harry”, complete with a hash tag “know the code”- what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, of course.

Ironically, the happenings of Harry’s famous Vegas weekend did not stay in Vegas. In fact, the details of his infamous trip left the strip, and traveled around the whole wide world. Although embarrassing for the royal family and the U.K., the economy of Las Vegas highly benefited from a night that should have stayed in the VIP room of the Wynn’s Encore Tower Suite. According to the Las Vegas Sun, Harry’s naked picture scandal was a literal money maker, resulting in a $23 million public relations advantage! CHA-CHING!

Chairman of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors authority stated Tuesday, “God bless Prince Harry. He made us a bunch of money.” One scandalous royal weekend and a couple of pictures of our beloved red head is all it took to make Las Vegas a lot richer, and they are definitely not sorry about it.

– Tess Kornfeld

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