Why I Love Adult Swim

Posted: October 11, 2012 by jerkmagblog in WATCH -- TV
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Of all the truths about me, there is one that almost everyone in my life knows: I don’t sleep. No, it’s not an “I have so much work to do,” type of sleep deprivation (although that is true once October comes), it’s more of an “I really don’t understand sleeping at night,” type of deprivation. Every night, I stay awake-writing, reading, doing nothing- all in an attempt to greet the sun.

Because of this, I’m always looking for something to watch. Luckily for me, Adult Swim begins each night at 9pm. While some may hate the lineup, I’ve found some comfort in the oddest cartoons. From Superjail! to China, IL, I can always count on Adult Swim to feature something hilarious.

Now, none of these shows would be considered children’s cartoons, but as soon as the opening credits roll, I find myself as giddy as a child during the holidays. I turn up the volume, block out the world, and for the fifteen or so minutes that each of these shows airs, I avoid sleep and the harshness of my reality. I get to forget about my homework, my impending graduation and what companies I should start looking at for employment. For those few minutes, I get to forget that I’ll have to be a real adult awfully soon. Adult Swim not only gives me laughs, it brings me a bit of happiness when I’m feeling pressured into adulthood.

And all these feelings can be yours, for the small price of turning your channel to Cartoon Network at 9pm weekdays.

– Tenaysia Fox

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