Hooking Up at Parties, How Far is Too Far?

Posted: October 11, 2012 by jerkmag in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol
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Here’s the scene: you two are on a couch smoking a bowl, his hand is on your leg and the two of you are close. He leans in for a kiss, you drunkenly accept it, and within a minute your sucking face to 2 Chainz. Is it gross? Is it too much for a party setting, just right, or not enough?

I found myself in this situation nights ago, and though I have no problem admitting it now, I still feel uncomfortable with the setting it took place in versus the hookup ratio that I potentially violated. I’m sure no one was super uncomfortable, because like I said, my tonsil hockey partner and I were sitting in our own space alone on a couch. I  don’t want to be that girl that others look at annoyingly, muttering things like “get a room.”

How much hooking up is acceptable at parties? How much is too much? If I feel uncomfortable with a little making out on a couch, how do other people straddle their suitors in the middle of the kitchen, or have dry sex on the dance floor without asking a similar question?

In my opinion, keep in mind that I am no slut, but certainly no a prude either, if you feel uncomfortable at all, then onlookers probably do too. So if a guy groping you on the dance floor is something that you don’t mind, then grind on my shameless sister. If you feel others looking at you throwing up in their mouths a little, then it’s probably appropriate that you stop the public hookup. Not only does your discretion matter, but those around you should influence your behavior as well. For example, even if you are totally comfortable with sucking face in the middle of the dance floor with your hottie, others might not feel just as totally comfortable with it. If you are in a crowded area, or a more intimate setting, I am going to ask that you not openly “get it” in the middle of an open party.

I mean obviously I am first to realize that hook-ups happen, but there is a certain classiness that should come with sucking face with strangers in a basement, you know?

– Deanna Viel

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