Foodie Review: Gannon’s

Posted: October 10, 2012 by jerkmagblog in MUNCH -- local foods

Many of you probably saw the little, old school ice cream cart that perched itself outside the Waverly entrance of Bird Library in the beginning of the semester. That cart belongs to Gannon’s Isle Ice Cream, and if you have not ventured off campus to enjoy their culinary delights, you are really missing out.  About a 12.5 minute drive, this isle holds many treasures.  Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Charlie Brown, and Pretzel Logic are my must try flavors. I frequent this establishment often, whether it’s rain or shine, cold or hot, when it comes to Gannon’s, my roommates never have a problem coming up with reasons to why we should enjoy their tasty treats! If someone needs a pick me up, if someone changes the channel from Bravo, or if it’s 8:22pm, these are all completely logical reasons for gorging on some ice cream deliciousness.  So please do me (and yourself) the favor of walking, biking, even hitchhiking to this kingdom of ice cream before it closes mid-November, you won’t regret it.

– Shelby Hilt

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