Fashion Faux Pas: Career Fair Edition

Posted: October 10, 2012 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style
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Last week, SU undergraduates put on their business best to attend the Career Fair. There were a few, however, who did not seem to put much effort at all into their appearances. Clearly, no one ever told them that what you wear is like a physical résumé.

Outfits are judged based on presentation, which means that they should style like a professional-looking résumé. The men that wore business suits and the women that wore business professional clothing hit the nail on the head. If their résumé was as good as their outward appearance, they will most likely get a second look from employers.

While these professional-looking students mingled on the turf of the Carrier Dome, there were others that stood out like sore thumbs. If it wasn’t noticeable from the bleachers, it was up close: an episode of what not to wear waiting to happen.
The First Offense: I noticed a number of students hauling full backpacks in between the Career Fair booths. Did they not realize that this was a four hour event? They certainly had time to drop their baggage off at home, or at the very least, at a locker on campus. They looked like well-dressed turtles that also double as part-time students.

The Second Offense:  It’s bad enough to wear a club skirt to class, but it’s a whole other offense when these questionable length skirts come out to play at a Career Fair. So for the women who committed this offense, here’s a tip: an appropriate length for business skirts is mid-thigh and knee length; styles that fit within these lengths are the pencil skirt, high waist, and a-line. Another guideline for skirts is to keep them classic and simple. Avoid studs, multiple zippers or busy patterns; they’re distracting. A black skirt with a silk top is fresh and classy, which is what many employers are also searching for when considering additions to their companies.
The Third Offense: Camoflage in cargo shorts, jeans, and camouflage pants. Need I say more? None of these options are appropriate to wear to a Career Fair, especially if a student is serious about procuring a post-college job. Business suits are the classy way to go, but even chinos would have been a better wardrobe choice than the camo/cargo atrocity.

Just remember: clothes act as creative outlets to express personality each and every day. A sheer top says that a person is transparent, and lacks imagination. It is also distracting to future employers when they’re left to stare at a bra carefully paired with a see-through shirt. A little modesty goes a long way when it comes to fashion in the business world. Good fashion sense doesn’t hurt either.  If your résumé was as chic as your outfit, you probably left a good impression. Check out the outfits below, compliments of Express, and get some ideas. Happy internship and job hunting!

– Jenna Jacobsen


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