Pushing Daisies: Perfect if you Have 40 Minutes to Kill/Like Colors

Posted: October 9, 2012 by jerkmagblog in WATCH -- TV

Hey gang!  Do you love murder mysteries, but don’t want to hear about this episode’s victim ever again?  Do you like romance but are sick of vampires and how obsessed they are with Sookie Stackhouse? Do you like bright colors? Great! Me too.

That’s why I’m recommending Pushing Daisies; a show cancelled way before its time because, frankly, it was ahead of its time.

If you’re unfamiliar here’s a brief synopsis:  Ned, a now grown man and pie-maker, realized as a child he had the ability to touch the deceased and bring them back to life.  Here’s the catch: if he leaves them alive for over a minute, something nearby will kick the bucket as a price.  If he touches them again, they die for good.  He utilizes his ability by working alongside a private investigator, asking murder victims questions about their last minutes.

Where’s the heart wrenching romance, you ask?  WELL, as it turns out, Ned’s childhood sweetheart and only love was murdered! He brings her back to life for real.  Physical complications ensue, since he can never touch her again.

Another reason this show is great:  while the romance may have you marathoning for one night at least, the lack of continuation in the murder mysteries means you can actually force yourself to eat/sleep/go to school (not like Breaking Bad, where you just ignore your body for 4 days).

Besides the plot, the narration is great and adds something to the show, making it almost like watching a storybook.  The world created around the characters is an eccentric and optimistic one, an escape for the cold reality most other shows are set in.

Bottom line, if you enjoy the daytime and think puppies are great then you’ll love the world of Pushing Daisies.

– Taylor Kowalski


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