Meet the Bloggers: Meredith Mendosa

Posted: October 5, 2012 by jerkmagblog in MUNCH -- local foods
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Hey foodies! I’m Meredith Mendosa, your personal foodie extraordinaire. I’ll be bringing you the best and the worst cuisines that Syracuse has to offer. I’ll take some pictures of everything I try (nothing will be instagram-ed, I promise) giving you a sense of what to expect from these delicacies. Whether it’s delivered to your door or to your plate, I’ll be breaking the bank, and my belt for the sake of your stomachs, enjoy!

Year and Major:I am a junior Communications Design Major (Not in Newhouse)

Hometown:Hudson, Ohio
My Most Embarrassing Moment: I was so hungover one time, that when my friend brought me watermelon, I started crying from happiness. I’d  say I have an idealistic sense of happiness.

Biggest Lie You’ve Gotten Away With: It’s so good, it’s still going so no comment.
Movie I Could Watch Over and Over: I could probably watch Almost Famous a couple times a day.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @merfbear. I rarely tweet but when I do, it’s stupid. So listen up!

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