JERKcast Episode 5: DPS, Dogs Against Romney, and Maple Syrup

Posted: September 28, 2012 by jerkmag in JERKcast
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JERKcast episode 4 is available for stream directly from or you can listen/download here!

In this week’s JERKcast we learn that Lakota just can’t seem to stay out of trouble when she talks about the late night problems on Marshall street. It seems that violence follows the cast everywhere when Julia claims to have heard gun shots outside her house. Maybe it’s because Syracuse is on the top 10 list of party schools and even townies want to get in on that – it might take Charlie awhile to get there since he still doesn’t know his way around. The cast moves on to politics and gives a run down about the voting registration in the quad, different ways people are keeping up with all the info, and the presidential candidates. The cast seems to love Dogs Against Romney and would never strap a dog to the roof of their car. Paige shares some cool info about politics from her Canadian home and her obsession with maple syrup. Who knew it would taste good in coffee?

We record Monday nights, so make sure to get your fan mail, hate mail, stories, suggestions, corrections, and all that good stuff sent to us by then –

Executive Producer: Charlie Ecenbarger
Hosts: Lakota Sky Gambill, Julia Fuino, Paige Schell & Charlie Ecenbarger
Audio Producer/Editor: Victoria Kezra
Producers: Chelsey Perry, Victoria Kezra, Julia Fuino, Melissa Nawojski
Show Recap: Melissa Nawokski

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