Daniel Day-Lewis Finally Picks a Role

Posted: September 21, 2012 by jerkmagblog in OSCAR -- Academy Awards
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To me, Daniel Day-Lewis is the male equivalent of Meryl Streep. With two Best Actor Oscars under his belt, and an uncanny ability to act as a chameleon in whatever role he takes on, whether it be a ruthless oil tycoon (There Will Be Blood) or a 19th century literary character come to life (The Age of Innocence), losing all sense of himself and completely adapting to his new skin, in a very Streep like way.

The difference between the two Hollywood legends? Streep has a new film nearly every year, if not more than that. Day-Lewis, however – we’re lucky to get a new film every three years. The actor is notoriously picky about the roles he takes on – we have to give him some credit – when he does appear on screen, it’s memorable (and usually garners him an Oscar nomination). So it only makes sense that in Day Lewis’s first role since 2009 (in Nine, which was something of a flop both at the box offices and with the Academy), he chose Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln biopic, playing none other than the 16th president himself.

The film, with a mid-November release date, (not to be confused with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, the other Lincoln film that was released this past summer, with a little less award potential and a little more vampire slashing), is bound to collect some Oscar gold: a respected, if not the most respected, U.S. president, Day Lewis in the title role, Spielberg as director. The film’s trailer was released today, and I have to say, it looks incredible – Day Lewis is in his element, and with Sally Field (again) as the strong matriarch in Mary Todd Lincoln, the film’s sure to be a hit. What do you think?

– Diana Pearl


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