The Five People You Meet in College

Posted: September 18, 2012 by jerkmagblog in SAGE -- editor's picks
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Forgive me for crying about it, but I’m a senior. While most students at schools aside from Syracuse countdown the days for their college careers to be over, we at Syracuse would rather become super seniors, super duper seniors, and if somehow we had the chance to take Chancy Nancy’s job — we’d be cool with that too. It’s a place so close and dear to our hearts, that the idea of giving it up makes us want to start the whole thing over again, even if that means having to be the sloppy freshman we once were, whose drink of choice was a warm Keystone from that frat house we hopefully grew out of come sophomore year.

So, in the spirit of my senior status, and having lived the most interesting, fun, and life changing four years I ever could have imagined, I think it’s only appropriate to give all of you incoming freshmen the low-down on what you can expect from this next chapter.

1. Freshmen Floor Friends These are the people you meet the first day you get to campus. Whether or not you even like your roommate (which you typically  find out either right away, or after a few nights out), the people you come to know that first year will wind up being your “college friends”, regardless of the activities and clubs you join, or the sororities and fraternities you will call home. You travel in herds of five or more to the party at that shaddy off-campus fraternity and house party you’re forced to reckon with having not yet joined a house. And before even going to these parties, you sit and debate whether or not you can even get in, given your guy to girl ratio is a little off. You study together in your floor lounge on Tuesday nights when upperclassmen are at the bars. You have late nights in when you realize your fake ID wouldn’t even be able to get you a margarita at Chipotle. These people might not be like any friend you’d immediately choose for yourself, but that’s the beauty of the freshmen dorms. You’re placed face to face with unfamiliar territory.

2. The Professor Who Makes You Think Just like at any level of schooling, you have teachers you love, and teachers you wish to never take a class with for as long as you live.  But once you meet that one professor, they’ll take your brain on a power-trip, throw everything you once thought upside down, and make you re-think more than you ever thought you could. The whole “makes you think”, could mean anything from re-thinking your thoughts on controversial issues, to your future career goals, to  a whole new way of thinking about anything and everything. It’s the professor that will consistently ask you the question “why”. A change in thought process and new ideas could immediately cause you to put yourself on that “I’m in college now”, pedestal. You might call your parents, share your new knowledge, talk down to them a little bit, feel yourself getting kind of cocky, and count down the days til your next class to feel another wave of inspiration. You might also be that asshole that posts it all on facebook. But, regardless of how much of an ass you look like, something inside you changes. You might even feel as inspired as to put together a blog on wordpress and “call it Julia”. Who knows.

3. The Short-lived Romance This is typical for any college student. Disclaimer: Don’t expect to meet your knight in shining armor at a frat house – because those are just tools in tin foil. But, every now and then, expect to hook-up (whatever your definition of that may be, and with whoever that might be). You never know — one of these days, one thing will lead to another, and you might find yourself in a slight step above inebriated foreplay. Meaning, you could very well see this person when the sun is up, spend a lot of time together, watch a movie together one night, and text on more than just Thursday nights. These are always fun, and will make you feel on top of the world for as long as they last. But, don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t work out, and god bless ya if it does. A huge reason that they don’t work out, is because college years are crucial changing years. You will not be the same person you once were as a freshman. As the years go on, once you’re involved in more things on campus and get a grasp on things, you’re finally able to better balance work, school, activities, and maybe a relationship. Don’t rush it.

4. Your Abroad Friends Of course this only works out if you go abroad, these are people that will have shared with you something no one else on campus can say they have. You have this unspoken bond about the places you’ve been thousands of miles away from home. It’s these people that share your love of “Ai Se Eu Ti Pego”, European men wanting your children, wine for three euro, nutella gelato, and never being able to understand your host family. Okay, so I’ve listed a few things you’ll never relate to. GO ABROAD.

5. The “We’re in College” Guy: I say guy, but I really mean guy or girl. This is the stereotypical embodiment of that very person you’re warned to stay away from if you ever want to graduate on time. This is the person that says absurd things like “Yolo”, while weighing eighty five pounds and drinking a bottle of Barton’s by themselves. This is the “example” for everyone in the friend group of who not to be, and what not to act like. It’s the girl you always lose at a party, and the guy that winds up naked by the dorm elevators, not quite making it back to his room…ever. It’s probably the same girl wearing a tutu on a Sunday night outside my room right now screaming things like “I DON’T EVEN FUCKING CARE YO”. It’s these people I urge you to meet. If you don’t, you’re most likely one of them.

— Julia Fuino

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