Song of the Week — “All for Me Grog”, Joey Briggs

Posted: September 16, 2012 by jerkmagblog in SONG OF THE WEEK
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While listening to All For Me Grog, I get the feeling that I’m in an Irish pub or something singing along with the whole bar. You know that feeling?

Joey formerly was in the band The Briggs with his brother Jason. However, he decided to do some solo work in LA and tour a bit around the world. His solo work expresses his interest in the dying music industry and politics along with several other issues. Even with Joey’s success as one, he does discuss on that they will be getting back together as a band. As Joey says, it now will be a mix of the new Briggs and the old Briggs.

Briggs has an interesting sound that will hook anyone with one listen. For instance, I think Briggs brings out his political view points in 37 Cents with lines like, “I’ve got something to say about how your running this country into the ground.” Even though listeners might not be political buffs, the way in which he sings and presents his lyrics catches everyone’s attention.

Maybe it’s just the writing major in me, but what I love about his music, is that everything seems to fit together to ultimately form an overall message. The track titles he uses tell a story relevant to the theme and name of his album title, “The Traveling Salesman, Pariah, and Me.” It’s nice to see clean lines and ties between his music and titles. This type of organization isn’t too common among artists these days.

Joey Briggs was on tour most of the summer overseas and ended in California. Let’s welcome him back to the States with some listening. I think he has a great sound that could be linked with The Avett Brothers, The Devil Makes Three, Flogging Molly (in some cases), and other bluegrass, rock n’ roll type of bands. He hasn’t released a recent album yet, but last year The Traveling Salesman came out with this track list:

Suburban Kid
Let The Night Sleep Without Me
Black Cloud
Bottom Of A Beer
So Let Down
The Sun Will Shine
All For Me Grog
37 Cents
First Page Of My Book
Here’s To You
Talking With The Wind
Walk Away

Take a listen and leave a comment. Tell us what you think!

-Brooke Leone

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