JERKcast Episode 2: Back to School part deux

Posted: September 7, 2012 by jerkmag in JERKcast

JERKcast Episode 2 is available here for download, you can stream it right from, or subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes!

Lakota, Julia, Paige, and Charlie wrap up the Back to School special this week on the JERKcast.

After telling their war stories from the first week back to school (apparently Julia can’t keep her dress down), the crew gives the low down on how to get around Syracuse without dealing with the terrible bus system, which homeless people are okay to mingle with, and where you should be hanging out around campus.

We record Monday nights, so make sure to get your fan mail, hate mail, stories, suggestions, corrections, and all that good stuff sent to us by then –

Executive Producers: Paige Schell & Charlie Ecenbarger
Hosts: Paige Schell, Lakota Sky Gambill, Julia Fuino & Charlie Ecenbarger
Audio Producer/Editor: Victoria Kezra
Producers: Chelsey Perry, Victoria Kezra, Julia Fuino, Lakota Sky Gambill

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