Meet the Bloggers: Tess Kornfeld

Posted: September 6, 2012 by jerkmagblog in POP - pop culture
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Sup, Jerks! I’m Tess Kornfeld  and I’ll be bringing you the latest on the happenings of pop culture across the land! I am SO pumped to get started, but first let me tell you about myself. 

Major and Year: I am a sophomore and currently undecided (womp) but trying to get into Newhouse to study Magazine Journalism.
Hometown: I come from Scranton, Pennsylvania (yupp, like “The Office”).
Most Embarrassing Moment:  Minutes after getting my wisdom teeth out, I told my twin sister to grow a pair of balls….in front of my mom…. SMOOTH.
Movie I Could Watch Over and Over Again: I am a huge romantic comedy buff so I could watch “When Harry Met Sally” over and over again and STILL laugh at the cheesy jokes.
Now do two things: follow me on twitter: @tenacioustess and please subscribe to my personal blog for more coverage on the most up to date coverage of the latest celeb gossip. Contact me with suggestions, comments or snarky remarks at any time!
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