SONG OF THE WEEK: “Constant Conversation” by Passion Pit

Posted: August 20, 2012 by jerkmagblog in SONG OF THE WEEK
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Passion Pit has released their official music video for “Constant Conversations” recently with a high-end twist. The video takes place as an elegant mansion with girls by the pool and in the bedroom. Secretly everyone is hooking up with one another, which goes on casually throughout the video. However, our protagonist is slowly drinking into insanity. Snakes are in the bathtub too… um ok.

As a frequent music listener and music video watcher I can say that the director, Dori Oskowitz, did a great job matching up the lyrics to the scene.

You never know where some people will go
Yeah some people been hurtin’ me
You can tell by look, by the slightest crook
In the neck or the blink of an eye
Well then we’ll see what they say and we’ll do what they do
But that doesn’t mean a goddamn thing
You can listen if you want, you can listen if you don’t
Yeah they’ll talk, yeah they’ll even sing
We all know these things occur at high-end parties and even the most formal events.

To my surprise the lead of Passion Pit wasn’t the only familiar figure in the music video. The seductive female whispering in his ear early on in the song caught my eye. Analeigh Tipton.

She played Jessica Riley in Crazy, Stupid, Love, which I watched yesterday and thankfully was still in my head. However, in that film, she plays a 16-year-old girl babysitter and she definitely isn’t a 16 year old. After a little imdb-ing I found that Analeigh actually was on Americas Next Top Model as well. See this is disappointing to me because I’ve seen every season of ANTM and didn’t see her so I guess I just have to watch them again. Bummer.

Watch the video, listen to Passion Pits new album Gossamer and read up on the group.

-Brooke Leone


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