Instagram Goes Chocolate

Posted: August 12, 2012 by jerkmagblog in STUMBLED
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Polaroids have long been a thing of the past, until now.

Unless you are a photographer, you probably aren’t that concerned with getting your photographs developed.  You can instantly upload photos to Facebook, share them on Instagram, and tweet them to your followers.

But Cocograph is interested in another kind of sharing; that is, with your stomach.  The Philadelphia based company lets you send in your snapshots, where they get printed onto artesian chocolate bars.  Yup, you heard right.

You can send in jpegs, scans, even iPhone photos to have printed on chocolate.  And for those Instagram addicts who are probably wondering, YES, you can select any photo from your collection (in fact, it’s recommended).

Even though the Polaroid style is what really creates the buzz, the chocolate it’s attached to is just as important.  Made from a small-batch organic chocolatier in Santa Barbara, CA, each bar is available in milk, white, dark and organic dark chocolate.  It’s easy to create your own perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or anything else.  Want to make your photos even sweeter? You can even add frosting!

The founder of the company, Rae Vittorelli, started this company out of her love of photography, fashion, vintage… and of course, chocolate.  She studied printmaking and photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  After graduation Rae’s creativity led her to open her first business, Philly Cake Art.

Finally, art I can enjoy… by eating it!

-Sara Freund

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