Selfies: Why They’re Annoying, and Why You’re Desperate

Posted: August 6, 2012 by jerkmagblog in WORDS O' WISDOM
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As I scroll down my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (wow what a social media junkie I am) news feeds I cannot help but stop and laugh at every “selfie” photo that girls post.

There was this one time on I was on Instagram, and noticed that one of my fellow high school friends posted a picture of her neck down in just a sports bra and shorts with a title “have to get to the gym I’m starting to feel flabby.” REALLY!? You really need to tell everyone that you are flabby with a graphic photo? How about this, instead of taking photos of yourself complaining… go to the gym!

Disgusting, right? That’s exactly what crosses my mind when I see these photos. Yeah, yeah we all see that your new two sizes too small dress is cute, and your bathing suit that shows only your boobs gives you great tans lines, but seriously, put it away. Not only are these pictures inappropriate and disgusting, they are just simply fucking weird.

Not only does it annoy every other girl on the planet that you do this, but you are also creeping the guys out. No man wants to see you post pictures of yourself naked on the Internet. A close guy friend of mine came across the picture I was talking about above and literally laughed out loud for a few minutes before saying “wow.” Think I’m lying? Ask him. No guy stops at your picture and is like “WOW that girl is so attractive,” its more like “WOW that girl is desperate.”

Sweetie, if you want to attract men, you are doing it in all the wrong ways and places. You think Prince Charming is going to see your naked photo and fall in love with you? I highly doubt it. Instead you will probably attract that low life you graduated high school with who now lives in his parent’s basement and feeds off young girls pictures on the Internet.

I’m starting to creep myself out right now.

So as a friendly reminder girls, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT post weird half naked or clothed self-taken pictures of you on the Internet. It is weird and everyone who sees them is most likely judging/laughing at you (guilty as charged).

Instead, why don’t you put up a nice picture of yourself at your grandmothers 70th birthday party online. You might just attract a nice, cute, rich boy who will pay for your expensive lifestyle someday.

~Chelsey Perry

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