Want Lady Gaga’s Fame? You can have it.

Posted: August 3, 2012 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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Lady Gaga announced the release of her fragrance, Fame, this fall. Wondering what Gaga has chosen for the scent of her new perfume? Knowing her eclectic style it could range anywhere from rotten eggshells to sunflowers. Her original ideas for the perfume entailed notes of blood and semen but thankfully for her fans that wasn’t the final product.

Her new perfume ‘Fame’ is aptly named, as Gaga told WWD, “Fame is an illusion—if you really want it, anyone can have it”. Lady Gaga worked with Coty on developing her fragrance, which turned out to be a very artistic and innovative process. Her new perfume is unusual in two ways.

First, in the egg shaped glass bottle with a heavy golden claw cap is a black liquid. But when sprayed, it turns clear. This is meant to illustrate the ‘black soul of fame’ that’s invisible once you have it. Of course Gaga would be the one to make perfume a metaphor for the evil side of society.

The other unusual thing about Gaga’s perfume is that the scent isn’t built like most of the perfumes sold today. Typically a perfume has three layers with each scent rising and falling as the fragrance is worn. However Gaga’s juice is created around the base scent of belladonna, the deadly plant. This dark note, similar to the smell of incense, is then layered with honey, saffron, and apricot nectar.

Not exactly the kind of scent I think of when Lady Gaga comes to mind, but definitely weird enough. Spending nearly 30 million dollars on advertising, the perfume is predicted to make at least 100 million in it’s first year. Leaving Justin Bieber’s fragrance profits of 39 million in the dust. On Septermber 13, Lady Gaga will be hosting a party at the Guggenheim Museum to release her new scent to the media. Knowing her, the event will be nothing less than the wildest ideas you can dream up.

-Sara Freund

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