Designer Spotlight: Ralph Reuben Lifshitz

Posted: July 26, 2012 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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Better known as Ralph Lauren, born in the New York City Bronx of Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants in 1939. His story is essential to his brand because he is the embodiment of the American dream. Coming from nothing, only to become a wildly successful something in America. He had the vision to create a brand that depicted the American dream in his now well-known polo shirts with it’s horse and rider logo.

Ralph studied business science and served in the army before his break through in the fashion world. He began his empire with a tie shop in 1967 with no formal fashion experience at all. Ever since then he has been building his brand to include women’s wear, accessories, shoes, sportswear, casual wear and home furnishings.

The east coast preppy look of his designer collections isn’t selling a product, Ralph said to Vogue, “We don’t only sell clothes, we are selling a dream and a vision”.

Based on Ralph Lauren’s history and brand it is clear why he was chosen to design the 2012 London Olympic Ceremony uniforms. Just weeks away Ralph Lauren has finally revealed the designs for Team USA. Keeping in line with his tailored preppy silhouettes and a patriotic color palette the collection reflects the heart of America. Both the men and women’s designs feature navy blazers, berets, tailored tops and bottoms. Right now select pieces are available on where you can also see the rest of Ralph Lauren for Team USA items.

-Sara Freund


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