The Ragings of Valleys

Posted: June 9, 2012 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Knife Party, the original Australian-duo that we hear blasting on the speakers of Fiji, has released a new album that some Syracuse students say, is going to be the new hit not only at parties, but all around campus.

The duo being known for their first EP, 100% No Modern Talking, Knife Party went on a peak of popularity, especially in the party scene. Their most popular song from the album, Internet Friends, not only gave us a taste of the style of Knife Party, but their unique drops that made the duo famous.

Approaching the sound with the sense of raging and excessive fist pumping, Knife Party’s sounds consist of the bass at different levels in combination with lower bass wobbles. Making the audience wait for the ultimate bass drop that clenches their fist in excitement and what defines, dubstep.

However, this clenching fist beat is nothing similar to the dubstep that is similar to Avicii or Skrillex that just makes you want to take shots and dance on tables. But rather, the sound that you want to listen to when angry or want to go past the point of hard to extreme raging. This is because of Knife’s Party unique sound that is the lower base frequency in repetitive bass wobbles that leads up to a drop that when peaked, pauses then peaks with low, hard, and slamming beats.

These raging beats are heard in their new released E.P., Rage Valley. In the new E.P., Knife Party brings a sound that is similar to the Bloody Beetroots but with their unique twist. The very electronic and excessive beats define the E.P. to be its title, Rage Valley. Knowing their raging audience, Knife Party compliments the bass drop with a progressive, extended, exciting build up that when released, makes Syracuse students rage hard. Knife Party’s new E.P. not only brings new music to Syracuse, but what memories, beats, and drops the new E.P. will bring in the fall.

-Lakota Gambill

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