EDC: Sinfully Awesome

Posted: June 8, 2012 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Held in Sin City this year, (more known as Las Vegas, Nevada) the Electric Daisy Carnival is having its annual carnival. Though, don’t let the festive name trick you, Electric Daisy Carnival is the carnival where fun, sin, and “Molly” is your best friend. The Electric Daisy Carnival is a three-day festival that focuses on one thing and one thing only, TECHNO. Artists including as Benny Benassi, David Guetta, Flux Pavilion, and frat’s at Syracuse personal favorite, Avicii, will be combined with other various artists for a three day neon raging fiesta.

This year, the line up for the Electric Daisy Carnival hosts more than a hundred artists, the most that EDC has hosted. With all tickets sold out, EDC expects over 300,000 attendees from all around the US, one of these places being our very own, Syracuse, NY. Each year after the stressful semester, students like Charlotte Roxanne (a junior here at Syracuse) attend EDC to have fun, go wild, and of course, P.L.U.R.

Charlotte Roxanne, a student here at Syracuse, is attending the EDC in Las Vegas. Not looking like the usual “raver,” Charlotte has attended EDC since 2010 in Los Angeles (the year it had been banned.) Since then, Charlotte attended many EDC’s and became infatuated though, not just for the partying and awesome music, but rather, the amazing culture it brings.

“In the beginning, I can’t lie, it was a venue to get fucked up at with friends and dance. But somewhere along the line I became engrossed in the music. I love seeing DJs perform and comparing sets from different shows” states Charlotte, “But now, it’s about the music and the fun I have with my friends who are just as big of fans of the culture. There’s seriously nothing like this music live- I promise you.”

Though seen as a rave with kiddies running around with glow sticks and Hello Kitty bags, EDC is much more than just a “rave.” Rather, EDC is three-day festival in Vegas that combines culture, music, and little pills with Spongebob on them to celebrate the thing that we college students love, sin.

-Lakota Gambill

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