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I’m probably real late to the party, but I’ve just recently discovered STUMBLEUPON. Since discovering this blackhole of time and internet space, I’ve found some pretty cool, funny, interesting, fun, MORE ADJECTIVES, stuff and that got me thinking….

Why not share the JERK finds with everyone else?

We’re not selfish.. We like to share.

What we’ve done is collected the coolest links we’ve stumbled upon over the week and put them in a nice post for everyone. As you’ll see, they’ll be categorized under the writers name, that way, you can check out the stuff that your favorite jerk blogger came across – or maybe expose yourself to another bloggers interests. Hell,  maybe you found something awesome that you want to share with everyone, in which case, you’ll just want to send the stumble upon link to blog (at) jerkmagazine (dot) net and we’ll post it up as long as it doesn’t suck.

Enough rambling, onto the goods.

Sara Freund
30 Creative Packaging Designs
Write it down: Note taking tips
Well Timed Photographs
Food that will help your skin

Brooke Leone
Drinkify – Match your music with your beverage
The Difference Between Men and Women
Panorama of Paris
Save The Words

Shannon Hazlitt
Be Strong
John Lennon Happiness Quote
We Are Fortunate

Explore Box: Exploring your interests
GIF reactions to real life situations
The Scale of the Universe in perspective

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