SONG OF THE WEEK: “All or Nothing” by Pennywise

Posted: June 3, 2012 by jerkmag in SONG OF THE WEEK, VAULT -- archives
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I don’t think hardcore is a strong enough adjective for this group. When first turning on one of their tracks, you’re bombarded with mosh pit music. Seriously, I was in a mosh pit before and it was a scary thing. Not saying that Pennywise is scary, but they hold the key traits of a hardcore, punk rock, mosh until you bleed band. Don’t be fooled though. If you fall, someone is going to pick you up.

Now I know, if you know who I am you’re thinking, “why was this girl EVER caught up in a mosh pit?” and, “she really listens to this?” and I’m here to tell you, Coheed and Cambria concerts can be scary with teenage giant guys around and little ole’ me and my friend Taylor. We shouldn’t have run to the front row.

But whatever, Pennywise “A thriving, ground-breaking punk rock band…relentless, in-your-face, middle finger in the air, anthem-chanting sound has never wavered one iota.” They’ve had some issues within the band but what band hasn’t?

Recently they added a new vocalist to their group and came out with a new album on May 1 2012. As stated on their website,, “Vocalist Zoli Teglas joined the PENNYWISE fold replacing the band’s former vocalist Jim Lindberg. Teglas, a longtime friend and tour mate, made his PENNYWISE debut playing a handful of local shows including the 2009 Smokeout Festival and a sold out Holiday Benefit concert.”

All or Nothing is a track from their new album with the new vocalist Teglas. Love them or hate them I’m sure they won’t care either way. They probably won’t even know.

-Brooke Leone

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