One Way To Take Care of Your Laptop

Posted: May 29, 2012 by jerkmag in SURF -- tech
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“Not enough memory on your hard drive”… or something along those lines, popped up as an alert on my screen during finals week. Being in a major where I constantly use my laptop for pretty much everything I do, this message on my screen, in my sleepless, caffeined up, and frustrated state, was the absolute last thing i wanted to see. I had to stop renders, save everything, and start deleting stuff. Going through my folders and finding things to delete was not on my to-do list.

Not taking care of your laptop can come back to haunt you. Maintaining your hard drive is a great and easy way to treat your laptop right. Some sources will say that you should not exceed 80-85% of your hard drive space. If you do, you will probably start to notice a lack of performance. Now, if you’re one of those people who just got a Macbook because everyone else was doing it, the kind of work you’re probably doing won’t be too much of an issue. No, browsing through Facebook photos does not take up space on your hard drive. If you were concerned about that, you can stop reading now.

Third party apps are always a solution. The “Omnidisksweeper”, for example, reads your entire hard drive and very conveniently lists the largest files on your computer. While it does nothing out of the ordinary, it simply makes it easier for the user to view the files and choose what to delete. If you’re like me, and you’re not a fan of downloading third party apps, you can do this manually. Here are some simple steps:

Open up Finder and click ‘File-New Smart Folder’

On the top right corner of the folder, hit the “+” sign, under your search bar.

Click on the first drop down and click ‘Other’.

On the top right corner, search the term ‘File Size’ and make sure it’s checked.

Once File Size shows up, click the other drop downs and select your parameters.

This essentially does what some third party apps will do. You can now see what’s taking up space, select files and delete the ones you don’t need. For example duplicates, any old movies you won’t watch again, random large files, etc. Having an emptier hard drive is always the better option. I highly recommend you do this.

For those of you wanting to go a little further and do more than just delete files, check out this video.  This tutorial will help you clean up more of your hard drive and repair any minor issues. The tutorial is given by what sounds like a young kid, so how hard could it be? On top of that, he seems to be Canadian! So you can definitely do it. Check it ‘oot’, as he would say.

One last reminder: it is surprisingly easy to forget, but empty your trash. The files that are kept there are still on your hard drive, and take up space. By right clicking on your trash and emptying it up, you will save a lot of space from files that you wanted to delete anyway.

-Can Cakmak

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