Tony’s Hand Out Some Snubs

Posted: May 9, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

Everyone in the world of Broadway has something to say about the Tony nominations. If your show is in the running to be nominated, you most likely have enough to say to talk someone’s ear off for hours. The nominees – both the snubbed, the rewarded and those who fall somewhere in the middle, have all had reactions to the recent Tony nominations – stemming from “thank you’s” to “who needs them, anyways?”

One of the highest-profile ‘snubs’ is for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. The box office hit has captured audiences for months but still received only two nominations – one for scenic design and another for costume. However, their full theater and sell out shows are sure to keep them warm in the absence of a nomination.

“Even without a nomination for best musical, we can assure you that the audiences this week will love the show just as much as they did last week,” Spokesman for the show Rick Miramontez said to the Washington Post.

The snubs were not just only for shows as a whole. Several individual high profile actors, such as Angela Lansbury (who has won FIVE TONYS, already a record), was passed over for her critically praised role in The Best Man. This is basically the equivalent of Meryl Streep getting snubbed at the Oscars – it just doesn’t happen. Broadway newbie and former (or current?) pop star Ricky Martin woke up empty handed on Tuesday for his role in the current revival of Evita. Ah well, being the Tony record holder and having 10 Grammy nominations should tide them over until next time.

-Diana Pearl


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