Posted: May 9, 2012 by jerkmag in BLOGS WE LIKE

I personally think Tosh is a funny guy. Matter of fact, he makes me laugh really, really hard. That’s why I like his blog. Sure, it’s not run by him but the content is usually pretty solid, edgy, and downright offensive at times. Three things that I generally have no problem with blogs being, it keeps things interesting.

On Tosh’s blog there is a nice flow of pictures and videos meant to give you a good chuckle throughout your day. You can follow the blog on Twitter or Facebook as well to get the live updates as soon as something new is posted. I use it as a nice break from the generic “we’re pulling pranks on each other” or “I’m gonna watch this kid fall off his skate board” that can be found on Break or some of those other sites.

Check it out if you wanna laugh.

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