Sincerely, Jerk.

Posted: May 8, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

This all started in my yoga class this spring. Mid semester, my instructor collected our yoga journals and we talked about some of the entries. One said something about how difficult it is to smile on this campus between the weather and the overall language heard on the quad. That made me very aware of what others were saying and what I was saying for a few days. And let me tell you…the use of the F-bomb is the least of our worries.

So I’ve made an effort to change how I contribute to campus‘ overall attitude and my own happiness. Here are my tips on getting happy:

1. Surround yourself with funny people. Friends who know what makes you laugh or friends who let you crash in their room until 5 a.m. for a fun, old fashioned sleepover. You know who they are, the ones who care to keep you smiling.

2. Listen to good music. Make it like a religion. Whatever it is that makes you feel great, listen to it at least 30 minutes a day. And don’t settle for just Top 40, find the music that’s unique to you and surround yourself with it. Get dressed to it, walk to class to it, do work to it, get ready to go out to it. RAGE alone in your room to it. Shamelessly BELT IT OUT. You’ll have this sense of yourself you never knew before.

3. Make time for yourself. For me it’s taking a yoga class and making sure I’m enrolled in at least one dance class each semester. It’s so important that you make time to just get out and participate in the world, rather texting someone about it.

4. Make time for something new. Even in the smallest ways, changing it up can cheer you up. Being stuck on campus can get really monotonous. Make an effort to get off campus, or just change your study location to a different building. The change of scenery will perk your dreary ass right up.

5. Just be happier. This might be painfully obvious but it seriously works. Just don’t be so miserable all the time and don’t spread your misery around. This might be my yogi lessons, or some latent Buddhist beliefs, but I’m consciously making an effort to curse less (sometimes hard with the attitude of a JERK) but it’s not impossible.

People are still mean,  and they’re going to be mean. You can’t avoid all the bad feelings out there. But these steps beat the hell out of locking yourself up in your room, trolling pinterest or tumblr in the dark, waiting for better days to come. Make summer your fresh start! Seriously, no classes for three months. How can you NOT be happy.

-Tori White


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