Pick Your Own Winners!

Posted: May 8, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

This past Tuesday, the Broadway version of the Oscars, the Tony’s, announced this year’s nominees (confirming my predictions from last week). Chosen by the Broadway League (sort of like a union for theater folk) and the American Theater Wing, who created the awards in 1947, the Tony’s represent what the professionals of Broadway think of as the best in the business.

However, a website familiar to all theater lovers, Broadway.com, puts on their own awards every year at Tony time: The Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards. This year marks the 13th year that the site has put on the awards (although, maybe in a different fashion than on a website? Is it just me, or do I not remember Internet being advanced enough in 1999 to host this sort of contest? Did the Internet even exist then?) Like so many award shows in today’s culture, (think People’s Choice, Kid’s Choice awards), it’s all about giving people their OWN choice.

The frontrunner for the Audience Choice Awards is Newsies, which leads with 11 nods. Unlike the Audience Choice, the Tony’s are leading with Once, which has 11 nods for that respective awards show. However, both shows picked up lots of nominations at both award shows, as well as many other shows – 30 out of 37 eligible shows were nominated for Tony’s, and a similarly large number were highlighted by the Audience Choice Awards. If you want to make your own vote count, click here after you check out the full list of nominees.

-Diana Pearl


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