May The Fourth Be With You

Posted: May 4, 2012 by jerkmag in WATCH -- TV
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At first, I was going to take a negative slant when I began writing this. I’m seeing a lot of people who probably have never even seen a Star Wars movie posting “May the Fourth be with you,” and at first it bothered me. I then realized it was just my nerdom showing it’s dark side.

If you aren’t sure why this is a thing – allow me to welcome you to Star Wars Day, but that should be evident.

I’ll admit it, I like video games, comics, sci-fi, books (gasp!), and Star Wars – a lot. So when I see people who take something I hold dear to me and just start throwing around these phrases, it irked me a bit. After some quiet contemplation though, I realized this may be just what they need. Maybe, in this day of internet memes, this is what will get another generation into Star Wars. Maybe in this time of vapid superficial entertainment, we need internet memes and quick jaunty slogans to get people interested in new things.

Or maybe some of my “too cool for the room” friends who would never admit to liking something geeky have just hidden their fandom from me for all these years.

So if you’ve never seen Star Wars – today’s the day to do yourself a favor and go watch the movies. Don’t start with that episode 1 bullshit though, go back to the original – Star Wars (1977).

Thank me later, you will.

-Charlie Ecenbarger

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