SONG OF THE WEEK: Lion’s Mouth – Young Rebel Set

Posted: April 28, 2012 by jerkmagblog in VAULT -- archives

This band is slightly new to me, but that isn’t saying much to someone who listens to something and someone new everyday. When I started listening I was reminded of a little Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, well I mean they sound like my favorite indie/folk groups. I knew they were amazing just from listening to one song, but I suggest listening to their albums because they’re other tracks are great too.

As discussed on the website, “The mysterious troubadours that form Young Rebel Set preach full-blooded tales of tough love, hard luck and the triumph of romance against the odds. Every spit and sawdust jig is spun from the blood, sweat, tears, toil and glory of an extraordinary group and woven into a rousing patchwork of gritty urban folk.” I’m in love with folk music and these thick accented men execute it quite perfectly.

Recently headliners at the Stockton Calling music festival in Stockton, UK on April 7th, the Young Rebel Set visited their hometown while playing familiar and exclusive tracks for their fans.  In a recent blog post on their site, the band wrote that this was their first hometown show in a long time. But I have a small request… I know being in your hometown is great and all but why don’t you come to the U.S. We have great things here and I want to see a concert.

Give them a listen and fall in love. Then we can make a petition or something to get them to come to Syracuse. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

-Brooke Leone


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