Campus Girls

Posted: April 19, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

Being a girl here on SU’s campus, it is no wonder I would take interest in a “girls on campus” poll. Taken from the notorious college rating website “College Prowler”, is this hilarious, and unfortunately spot on, bar graph depicting the physical and personality characteristics of us females at SU. I completely agree with the “athletic” bar being so far right, because it seems every bitch on campus is either at the gym staying toned all day everyday, or just blessed with a ridiculously thin frame. For “attractiveness” I would also agree, every member of Otto’s Army is beautiful in myy eyes! (If only). I think they should probably change “creative/artsy” to sickeningly hipster, because I feel as if the two are now synonymous, in that artists are hipsters, and hipsters are artists. I have never met a girl on campus who is “friendly”, that bar should be eliminated. “Fun”, hmm, I suppose we all have different definitions of “Fun”.Chickies that wear letters think that pre-bars, emotional hazing, charity events, drinking Starbucks and doing Adderall is fun, where-as us GDI’s don’t necessarily find the recreation in such activities. I think its safe to say every group of girls on campus has it’s own different distinctions of what is fun, but agree that we all have it no doubt! “Geeky”, just no. Just remove that. Do I think girls at ‘Cuse are “hardworking”? I’d say a good majority, and those who are not hardworking have the money for the lenience. This next bar is my favorite! Because Hell yeah fucking right are girls here “into partying”. There is someplace to party here on campus for everyone. For architecture bitches, FYP gals, Asian sistas, Latinos, sorority girls, GDI’s and everyone in between. It is probably the one string of commonality shared by all girls in the 315, that on a Friday night, we can all be found, with a drink in our hands at our party of choice. Next, “outgoingness”, meh, not so much. I don’t really agree because I have found that aside from myself, of course, I have yet to encounter anyone really super friendly, extrovert or outgoing… Maybe I smell.. Next bar, “preppy”, really? Ha, when was this made 2003, preppy’s no longer in there, College Prowler, but if you would like to reword it to well dressed then we certainly should be even further right! “Religious”- Jewish, done. “Smart”, I mean yeah sure I guess were smart. Because those of us bitches who come here not particularly book smart, get street smart, and well I mean I’m blessed with both, but I’m sure it’s similar visa versa. Last, but certainly not least, is the “stuck up” category for which I must say, yes I think 90% of chicas who call this campus home are, but we can’t really help it, we have a reason to be. Many at that. So there, I tweaked the chart a little, but hello, I’m the one with the inside information!

– Alison DiLaurentis


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