Ricky Martin in a Revival

Posted: April 18, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

The bad thing about theater? You can’t take it home with you. Like with a movie – after you see at the local multiplex (complete with all the overpriced popcorn you can buy), you wait a few months, and then get to buy it on DVD and watch it in the comfort of your own home. But with theater, you see it once (and chances are, tickets are much more expensive than the $10 ones for movies), and then it’s over – the only chance to relive the experience being to either go again or to listen to the soundtrack (on repeat, if it’s really that good).

That’s the great thing about revivals. After a show closes, you don’t want it to fade into obscurity (if it was a good show), its only record of existence a collection of poor-quality cell phone video clips someone uploaded on YouTube.

One of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic musicals, Evita, (yes, the one Madonna starred in), recently premiered its first Broadway revival since the original production closed in 1983. The real twist with this revival is its star power – the leading man is none other than Ricky Martin (as Che). British import Elena Roger plays Evita Peron (yes, Madonna’s part).

If you’ve seen the film adaptation, and weren’t alive in time to see the original, (since it premiered over thirty years ago, I’m hoping most college students weren’t) this revival is the perfect opportunity to see the show live. Catch it now – who knows if you’ll have to wait another 30 years before seeing it again. The revival officially premiered on April 5, after a few weeks of previews, at the Marquis Theater.

-Diana Pearl


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