As You Like It – the Feminine Version

Posted: April 17, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

Remember the Women? That 1930’s Joan Crawford movie (redid in 2008 with Meg Ryan and Eva Mendes)? You probably don’t – neither the original nor the remake was terribly memorable – in every facet but one: both films had a completely female cast. If you’ve seen any movies (at all, in your entire lifetime), you’ll know that this is about as common as Newt Gingrich winning a primary.

The theater world is taking their own turn on the female cast with a new production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. (The real irony here is that back in Shakespeare’s day, women weren’t even allowed to play women on stage). The show will take on a different atmosphere than its typical production (besides just the all-female cast), being set in South America. The production company described the show on as follows:

“After a violent South American coup drives the rightful ruler into the forest of Arden, lovers, philosophers and fools flee the dangerous court in search of safety. Provocative and playful, Shakespeare’s dark comedy As You Like It explores the paradoxical powers of love, domination, revenge and forgiveness.”

The production is being put on the by the Queen’s Company, who is no stranger to all-women ensembles. Rather the opposite, actually – the production company is tailored to producing only all-female shows. The company’s artistic director, Rebecca Patterson, is directing the show. Casting was additionally recently announced.

The show opens officially on May 5th at the Walkerspace in Tribeca, Manhattan, NY. However, if you want to catch it, act quickly – it’s only showing until May 20th for a limited engagement.

-Diana Pearl


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