G.I. No

Posted: April 16, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

Themed parties. Were all fans. Who doesn’t like a good excuse to dress up like the devil, or an angel, or a hippie maybe. Even Greek life themed parties are mostly tolerated by all on campus. Sure we may scoff at a Theta with some kind of sexy-sailor-cellulite-baring getup goin on, but for the most part the elite themed parties occurring weekend after weekend are just the norm. I hadn’t even thought much about them until this past weekend when I got wind of one that both shocked and disturbed me. A “Vietnam War” themed party. What the fuck is that? You splatter paint a bra with dark greens and browns and drink to the many relatives our generation had lost in that war? The whole premise just seemed so fucked up. Stick to your GI Joe’s and army Hoes if you want to wear your camo bikini for a night, but don’t make a party of a devastating war that happened just long enough ago to still be affecting many of our families. My uncle fought in that war, he came back though, well physically. But mentally he’s been dead since the war ended in 1975, and you guys wanna take shots to that?? “Kegstand for my Uncle Jimmy that never made it back!” Seems a liiiiitle fucked up. I mean what’s next Haitian Earthquake party? Once I really thought about this I began to laugh and just make jokes, because it’s almost so messed up its funny, but all joking aside come on y’all, keep the parties closed that’s fine, but at least keep em somewhat politically correct!

-Alison DeLaurentis


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