Which Spring Color Will You Try?

Posted: April 12, 2012 by jerkmagblog in VAULT -- archives

Even though it doesn’t feel like it anymore, spring is here.  It’s time to start getting ready for warm weather with some seriously colorful trends.  From minty hues to pastel tints to neon colors.  Here are my favorite trends that will pump up your dull winter wardrobe.

Even though the Syracuse Orange didn’t make it to number one, tangerine orange did.  Pantone named tangerine the color of 2012 so get ready to sneak some bright pieces into your wardrobe.  Tangerine is a little bit different from just orange, its vibrant with a reddish undertone which is flattering on you most skin tones.  Try this color in a cute sundress or bikini.

Pastels are already huge, and this season their only going to get bigger.  So many hues are popular but mint is taking center stage.  This frosty shade is a pop mix of blue green that gives off a fresh vibe.  It pairs well with many colors but looks especially daring with warmer hues like yellow and pink.  Bright colored jeans are really popular so find a pair in a mint hue.  You’ll be gorgeous in a new spring look!

Still down about this ugly week of weather? Throw on some citron yellow.  This bold color is just on the verge of being fluorescent which is exactly why I love it.  If neon is a little too much for you, this color is a perfect way to transition into the brighter trend.  Adding a citron yellow piece to your wardrobe is a guaranteed  way to make your skin look more tan—no fake baking required.

-Sara Freund


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