Posted: April 12, 2012 by jerkmagblog in VAULT -- archives

Unfortunately, your 4 number combination on your iPhone, or that oh so creative swipe thing you do on your Android, is simply a nuisance, and not real security. A cracking software called the XRY can be used to get passed the code almost in the same time that it would take for you to draw a cute little picture for Draw Something.

With the amount of personal information we have on our smart phones today, that’s a scary thought. Our phones automatically log into our Facebook, bank accounts, email, and so much more. In the hands of the wrong person, the XRY is a potentially dangerous tool. One of it’s scary aspects is how easy it is.

The system was developed by a Swedish security firm, Micro Systemation, Their main idea was to create this tool for “Law Enforcement, Military and Government Intelligence.” It’s an ‘all in one’ kit which starts by jail breaking the iPhone, exposing security flaws, and proceeding to go through 10,000 possible password combinations. All this, under 2 minutes.

Many of us use our passcode to keep friends from changing that Facebook status, or more importantly making sure that the ex doesn’t read your messages from ‘Sarah’. Deleting things won’t help, as the XRY can recover those too… Let’s hope this one doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

-Can Cakmak


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