Song of the Week: Call Me Maybe

Posted: April 8, 2012 by jerkmagblog in SONG OF THE WEEK

Well we all know how to make a video and we all know how to post to youtube. There are several different topics to post about, so why the hell is everyone posting videos to Call Me Maybe!!!!! This has become an Internet fab and I want to know why.

My roommate was past her tolerance for the song last weekend. She started yelling, “OH MY GOD IF I HEAR THIS SONG ONE. MORE. TIME. I SWEAR…” due to our neighbors obsession with the song. However, our neighbors decided that they needed to listen to it once more that night. Mind you I’m sure they listened to it all day long.

At that point I had no idea what song she was talking about so, like any other child of my generation, I googled it, listened to it on youtube, and then starred it on my Spotify. My roommate also showed me her friend’s video of him dancing around SUA to it, so I needed to do a little more research.

While youtubing it, I found that not only did her friend make a video but the whole teenage world did too. Some very funny, some very lame. Even other celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were making videos. They actually make one together…. Shown above if you’re interested.

But still my question: Why is this a fab and who started this?

Yes, I get that this song is extremely catchy and can’t be played just once, but what are with the videos people?

-Brooke Leone


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