Quad Life Livin’

Posted: April 5, 2012 by jerkmagblog in VAULT -- archives

I saw something funny on my Twitter feed last Wednesday afternoon, it read, “I’m surprised  ‘The Quad’ isn’t trending because that’s all that’s on my timeline”. It was true! Twitter timelines, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts were FULL of sunny pictures, short anecdotes and happy mentions of the SU Quad. I had never before seen the campus so alive and full of content and energetic college students. It was as if the Sun had not only come out in the sky, but inside of everyone else as well. Hell, there were even a group of guys standing near HBC giving “Free Compliments”! Needless to say I walked by them to “throw out my trash” many a time throughout the day.  There were scantily clad sunbathers, supersoaking studs, dog walkers, and even studious individuals reading their books or typing away in the mid-March sunshine. We were all living the life, Quad Life livin’. There wasn’t a fuck that could be given. Not about the classes we had skipped, or even the lunch that we skipped so we could bare all in a tiny Urban Outfitters bandeau. Well maybe that’s just me, but there were many others who were seemingly unconcerned and content to lay the day away. The only reason this past Wednesday was worthy enough to elaborate on, and even dedicate an article to, was because of the unification of all SU students through something as simple as the sun. It astounded, and pleased me to see so many diverse students all doing their own unique activities on the same strip of grass, within a half mile of each other. Sorry to go all sappy everyone, I just had never seen such an exciting and fucking fun campus in my whole seven months of being here! I swear, that day it was like the movie Accepted was being filmed here at Syracuse University, only were actually a REAL college. How lucky are we?! Keep it up kids.

– Deanna Viel


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