“A” Is Finally Revealed

Posted: March 24, 2012 by jerkmagblog in WATCH -- TV

CAUTION: contains spoilers! 

Did anyone see that coming? Monday night was the finale of the second season of ABC Family’s addictive show Pretty Little Liars. As promised, the identity of the infamous “A” has been revealed. Who would’ve thought that Mona had it in her to be so obsessed with anyone other than herself. It should be interesting to see how ABC makes all the evidence fit together, having Mona send herself fake “A” text to throw us off was pretty tricky of them. Personally, I still don’t think Melissa, Jenna and Garret are off the hook. Melissa is way too much of a conniving manipulator to not be involved in some way. And did anyone catch those toffee references?

On another note, this week’s episode also contained copious amounts of romance. Ezra and Aria can’t seem to stay away from each other. They’re almost too cute to handle and kind of make me want to consume an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s while contemplating the train wreck that is my love life. At least living vicariously through their tragic yet hopeful relationship is always an option.

Two characters also come back into play – Dr. Sullivan and Toby. Even though Toby is totally creepy and looks like a serial killer, it’s pretty endearing how much he loves Spencer. PLL may have also lost a character as well – is Maya dead? Poor Em. Did “A” get to Maya before she got sent to the loony bin?

The finale definitely leaves viewers begging for more, as well as plenty of unanswered questions. Another season of over-dramatized suburban teen life at its finest. If you haven’t been keeping up with PLL and missed an episode or two, don’t worry – both seasons are available now on iTunes. Start catching up because season three airs Tuesday, June 5th at 8.

– Kathleen Baldassarre


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