The New Face of Beauty

Posted: March 21, 2012 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style, VAULT -- archives

It’s no secret that society puts a high price on youth and beauty these days.  It has reached the point of no return, much more than an obsession—it’s a way of life.  We see it all the time in celebrities, age-defying products and advertising.  A constant barrage of young models and we’re starting to get sick of it.  I don’t know about anyone else but my 20th birthday was a sad day.  I don’t know if I felt like that because of the media or because of my own melodrama, but I know I hate getting older.

However, one company is trying to change that.

Iris Apfel, at the ripe age of ninety, has become the new face of MAC cosmetics.  A literal overnight success her new line for MAC sold out in nearly a day.  But who is she? This rare bird has always been ahead of her time inspiring trends with flair, style, and confidence.  She is one of America’s most beloved beauty and fashion icons.  The stacked bracelet look, yeah, Apfel started that.  Dramatic colors and mismatched prints are hot on the runway—but Apfel has been dressing that way for years.

MAC chose Apfel in response to consumers asking for real representation.  Makes sense, considering MAC is a company known for going all out glamour.  Past models for MAC have included Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Nicki Minaj—not exactly low-key or relatable.  Creative Director of MAC, James Gager, explains, “For MAC to use a 90 year old model, it says that we’re not afraid saying that a women at any age can be really really beautiful”.  However, MAC isn’t the only cosmetic company trying to send this message.  Ellen Degeneres and Diane Keaton, both over the age of 50, have been featured in makeup commercials.  Recently on the cover of Vogue Meryl Streep appeared—the oldest cover girl in the history of the magazine.

In a USA Today story Apfel says, “We have an insane love affair with youth, youth is beautiful and wonderful but there’s lots more.  And life doesn’t stop when you’re thirty”.  Wise words Apfel.

-Sara Freund


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