Your Makeup Bag’s Must Have Accessory

Posted: March 20, 2012 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style, VAULT -- archives

BB Cream.  If you don’t have this zipped up in your makeup case already, you will soon.  The all in one ‘beauty creams’ are part tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, oil control, and anti-aging.  A German dermatologist developed the formula for sensitive post-surgery skin.  It exploded all over Eastern Asia, especially in South Korea then spreading to Europe.  No wonder they spread like wildfire, who doesn’t want a product that does everything?  Instead of using toner, sunscreen, and moisterizers—you have it all in BB cream.

Finally, BBs have hit the US with brands like Dior, Estee Lauder, Garnier, Boscia, 3Lab, and Dr. Brandt developing their own versions.  Anticipating the demand, Sephora has devoted an entire section of their store to BBs.  It’s such a useful and versatile product.  BB cream is meant to provide a good base for your other makeup.  But it also will even out your complexion, cover small blemishes and hydrate your skin.  For more casual days just wearing the BB cream is a perfect natural look.

The only downside is that most BBs only come in light, medium and dark which makes it hard to match your skin tone.  But since it’s only a tint it can blend really well with your foundation, so that’s not really an issue.  Especially when wearing BB improves your skin so much.  I tried out Garnier’s brand and it was amazing.  Usually my skin starts to get a little oily around noon but BB cream totally cancelled it out!  It’s great especially if you’re the kind of girl who’s running all day and doesn’t have time for touch ups.

-Sara Freund

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