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I have a confession: I don’t always wipe down the machines at the gym after I’m done using them. I know, I’m a terrible person; but sometimes I’m in a hurry! Trust me though, that walk from whatever machine I was on to the exit is the undoubtedly the longest walk of my life after not sanitizing my machine. I can hear the inner monologues of each and every bystander: Seriously? She was on that thing for like an hour and she’s not going to clean it? Disgusting. I pity the next person who uses that machine. Okay, maybe I’m over reacting (I’m not – they’re totally saying that) but still; gym etiquette is a touchy subject for anyone who’s a regular gym-goer.

Our friends at fitsugar.com recently conducted a poll regarding gym etiquette as well as outside workout etiquette and how people really feel about it. The questions are listed below, along with the polling results:

Sweaty Spitting: Personally, I’ve never seen anyone spit at the gym, but I have witnessed the occasional outside jogger relieve his or her mouth from some built-up saliva. Now, I think that in certain situations this could be acceptable (like if you’re running outside and a bug flies into your mouth – you’re obviously going to spit it out) but only 29% of women agree with me. I guess the other 72% need that extra protein in their diets.

Picking Your Seat: It’s unavoidable – clothing rides up into places where it’s not supposed to be while working out and you have two choices: either remedy it, or continue to be uncomfortable. Luckily, 83% of women polled would take their chances on appearing human and picking a wedgie, while the other 17% would rather suffer on the treadmill.

When Nature Calls…: I definitely draw the line at going on the go. (I “went” outside once in my entire life – I was in elementary school and it was at a fireworks display at night. Car headlights highlighted me during the act. I have yet to recover.) But, according to 37% of women, when you gotta go, you gotta go. I think I’m just grateful that the majority of people (63%) would think twice before squatting behind the nearest tree.

No Tissue Necessary: It’s rare that a runner will remember to bring tissues along for an outside run, and when that urge to blow your nose comes along, well, we’re usually S.O.L. However, 27% of women would disregard their lack of a tissue and blow their snot into the air. The rest, all 73% of us, would continue to huff, puff and sniffle all the way home. *As an amendment to this issue, there’s always the possibility of using your shirt as a tissue, which 59% of women feel comfortable doing. As for the other 41%; I’d hate to run into them during the final moments of their run.

Letting One Go: Exercise revs up the digestive tract, so it’s not surprise that everyone, every once in a while, is on the verge of letting one slip. It’s normal, and not letting it happen would cause more discomfort than the embarrassment of letting it happen. 80% of women agree, while the other 20% are apparently superhuman beings that have complete control over their bodily functions.

—Amber Brenza



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