Spring Cleaning (For Your Body)

Posted: March 16, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

No plans for spring break? No problem! But instead of taking this week to sleep until noon and pig-out on home-cooked meals, try to do some spring-cleaning for your body.

First and foremost, I’m not going to suggest that any of you do a detox – those scare me. Spending three or more days consuming nothing but liquids? No thanks. When I say “spring-cleaning” I mean treating your body well over the next week, and hopefully adopting healthy lifestyle choices that you can continue well into the second part of spring semester. Even better – you’ll come back to school healthy and happy while your classmates are coming back with hangovers from hell, courtesy of a weeklong drinking excursion. Here are three easy steps to reenergizing your body during your week off.

  1. Revamp your diet: During the semester, eating greasy dining hall food and taking the occasional late-night cookie (or, let’s be real, alcohol) run is pretty much standard college behavior. But this week, try kicking those unhealthy choices to the curb. Stay away from fast-food dinner choices and opt for healthier options, like meals composed of lean meats, vegetables and whole grains. As for snacks, put down the pre-packaged stuff and pick up a handful of raw almonds or veggie sticks and hummus.
  2. Drink water. Lots and lots of water: I’m willing to bet that none of you are getting your daily dose of H20 (8-10 cups, per day). So take this week off to make sure you hit that daily goal each and every day. The simplest way to do that? Get rid of any other beverage you consume on a daily basis and replace it with water (duh). Water is a natural detoxifier and a necessary ingredient to your spring-cleaning regimen. But since water can be pretty boring, amp it up with some fresh lemon juice (real lemons, not the stuff in a plastic lemon container). In addition to detoxification, lemon water will not only alkalize your body chemistry, but it will also help cleanse your kidneys, liver and colon.
  3. Get moving: With classes, meetings, and homework as part of your weekly schedule, it’s often hard to get a good workout in on a daily basis. But this week, nothing’s stopping you from getting up and out for some good, quality sweat-time. Make it a habit to do something active at least once a day this week, whether it’s going to the gym or taking the dog (or cat – hey, we don’t judge) for a walk.

— Amber Brenza


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