San Fran’s Madden-like Dream Squad

Posted: March 15, 2012 by jerkmag in PLAY -- sports

Remember your Madden 04 dream squad? The Dolphins team with Peyton Manning faking a hand off to Warrick Dunn, then launching a touchdown pass to Randy Moss? San Francisco can make this dream a reality.

The 49ers already have a ridiculous defense. There’s no need to address anything on that side of the ball. On special teams, David Akers was record-settingly good last year. Offensively, they already have a great o-line to block for Frank Gore. San Fran has Vernon Davis — one of the best tight ends in football. Now, they’ve got one of the best deep threats in NFL history — Randy Moss.

Imagine Peyton Manning in that offense. Even if he’s lost some accuracy or power, Randy Moss is the perfect complementary receiver. He’s tall, quick, and has great hands. Moss will reel in anything Manning throws deep. The only real concern is if Peyton’s head will fall off.

We’ve seen Manning set records with Marvin Harrison as his deep threat. He could easily reach 35 touchdown passes throwing to Davis — who showed off his arsenal with his touchdown in the playoffs against the Giants — and Moss — who holds the single season record for TD catches. Not to mention he’d be such an improvement from Alex Smith.

The 49ers can’t be happy with Smith as their quarterback. That’s like being satisfied with Danica Patrick when you could date Gisele Bündchen. Smith finally had a decent season and got to the NFC Championship Game. But he lost.

Jim Harbaugh needs to reach out to Manning and get him on the team. Manning’s proven he can win. He’s been to two Super Bowls and won one of them. Harbaugh already has a great defense and running game. Now, all he needs is a great quarterback to get the ball to Davis and Moss.

If he does, Harbaugh’s team will be — dramatic pause — straight champs, homie.

-Robert Bacaj

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