Sex on The Beach

Posted: March 14, 2012 by jerkmagblog in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol















By the time many of you read this article you will either be making the journey back from wherever you embarked to for break, or already have returned from your wild week away. My mind is reeling with the many possibilities of what you all could have done – and quite frankly who you could have done – during a potentially week-long drunken stuper we college kids refer to as “Spring Break”.

Whilst I know many of you “Greeks” of SU traveled to Mexico, it is my assumption that, with daddies money of course, many other ‘Cuse students traveled down South as well. I know how it is, being away from your families, school work, and maybe even your on campus hook-ups, its freeing. And while feeling the salty wind in your hair feels nice, feeling the rough sand between your legs – does not.

While sex on the breach sounds super appealing, especially if your on a resort in a Tory Burch bikini with nothing in your system but tequila and probably Malaria, try to resist temptation until your at least in the dirty sheets of his or hers stuffy, hot resort room. Vacation hook ups, more likely than not, leave you satisfied and feeling great about yourself as sloppy as they may be. The only really detrimental agent of these sandy, drunken vacay encounters is the lack of responsibility utilized on both ends of this tropical one night stand.

It is my advice, unless you want a small Juan Carlos baking in your oven, to be smart about not only what, but also who you do while away from campus. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but similarly what happens in your fallopian tubes is there to stay as well.

-Alison DiLaurentis


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