Long Hair, Don’t Care

Posted: March 12, 2012 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style, VAULT -- archives

When your at the beach all day its hard to look stylish.  Whether your in the ocean or pool your hair is bound to get a little messy.  But you’re in luck.  A recent article Harper’s Bazaar lays out some of the hottest hair trends in 2012—and all of them are perfect for spring break.  Easy, messy and carefree styles are so in.

Glistening hair is really simple but playful enough for the beach.  Alexander Wang and many other designers this season showed this sexy natural style.  Damp hair loosely brushed back is all you need to master this look.  It’s all about the carefree natural attitude.  Apply a shine serum to enhance your hair’s natural glisten.

Another style that’s back is the ponytail.  It’s versatile and featured in nearly every runway show from Marc Jacobs to Missoni.  Some styles are more elegant but I’m all for low maintenance.  One way to freshen up this look is by using a barrette to pin your hair back low.  Another way to tie up your hair that I love is the fishtail braid.  It’s a beautiful look with a boho feel.

Beach waves are obviously always a popular look, especially now that it’s spring.  On the runway we saw this look, except it was more tailored.  All you need is a quick blow dry and subtle curl with an iron to look youthful and chic.  A cute way to take this look to the next level is by adding a braid.  Incorporating a small horizontal braid will move bangs away from your face and create a fresh look.

All the sand, sun, salt, and chlorine can be really rough on your hair too.  So definitely make sure that you moisturize your hair! One of my secrets is Moroccan Argon oil.  It makes my hair unbelievably soft and shiny.  CVS makes a great Argon oil mask for your hair and it’s well worth the seven dollars.  So when you get that tanning lotion make sure you grab Argon oil too!

-Sara Freund


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