Courtney’s Crocodile Tears

Posted: March 8, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives, WATCH -- TV

What a gem. On the The Women Tell All  episode of The Bachelor, Ben’s favorite girl to love and the viewer’s favorite girl to hate came on to defend herself against the other contestants. Instead of using her time in the hot seat to find redemption, she dug her hole even deeper with the other girls and the audience…and maybe even with Ben.

We all know that Courtney is likely to win in next weeks episode, taking home a proposal, running home shouting “WINNING.” All she needed to win was a little sex appeal and a few lies and she surpassed the other women undoubtedly. I don’t think anyone else even stood a chance after that night they went skinny dipping.

And on the Tell All the women were relentless with Ben’s beach bimbo: they asked her about the skinny dipping, the name calling and the lies she told Ben about them. In response, she cried her crocodile tears and “apologized” for “everything” she had done that hurt her chances with Ben. Not the women. She only apologized for hurting their feelings after being provoked and asked to apologize. She even slipped and said “I’m sorry for hurting Ben, I cared for him and still do…” leading us to believe she is no longer with Ben!

In her apology Courtney says she “didn’t think it through” How’s that for a kill shot, Court? Did you really think he’d stay with you after he saw how terrible you were to the other women on the show?

We’re all hoping this is true and that Ben doesn’t believe her tears. Some are even so burned by the couples road to the final rose, that they feel they deserve each other. And for those of you few Courtney fans out there who are reading this and writhing in your chair to defend this women, I dare you. There is not much you could tell me that would convince me to become a fan.

How on earth did this woman, who ridiculed almost every other woman and broke the official rules by sleeping with the Bachelor during the show (which was exposed by another woman during the tell all *juicy*) come to be in the top 2?

I was rooting for Kacie B. all along, as was most of America, but in the end I’m so glad that she didn’t win. For a man that was looking for “core values” in a future wife, he sure did find the women with as few core values as possible. I find Ben to be almost as fake as Courtney. The few times that he said he wanted a women with a “little edge” were the only times he was honest with the cameras and himself.

And if the final episode goes how we expect it too, Ben will have to face the music… his fiancée is a man eater with an attitude that bites to the core. Best of luck, Benny Boo!

-Victoria White


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